Friday, 15 July 2011

Saudi Arabia to increase witnessed in the field of car insurancea

The Saudi insurance industry has become one of the fastest growing in the insurance industry worldwide. From the Kingdom of the insurance industry has had a tremendous growth in recent years and offers lucrative opportunities for existing and new immigrants, especially the segment of car insurance. It is expected that the auto insurance industry in the Kingdom is a CAGR growth of over 33% from 2011 to 2013.
For our research, is the main reason for the rapid growth of this sector of population growth in the region and the compulsory insurance of the vehicle by the government. Along with this trend, some other strong riders who mainly discussed and analyzed in this report will allow this segment of the growth trend in the coming year to support.

Our research shows that, in addition to insurance, other areas that promise future prospects. Health, building and fire insurance sector has registered tremendous growth in the past and we expect this segment remains strong in the coming years will grow at the back of the various promotional strategies used by the government.

We also have a comprehensive analysis of the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia. For our investigation, the insurance market is dominated by the Saudi and non-life insurance (general insurance) products. However, according to our understanding of the industry, growing faster than other sectors of life insurance behind some of the reasons given in the report.

Our report "Saudi Arabia Insurance Market for 2012" offers extensive information, statistics and rational analysis of the insurance industry in Saudi Arabia. In addition, new market trends and developments, including takaful insurance, bancassurance, reinsurance, and studied in depth in the report.

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