Friday, 15 July 2011

Switching every year, the best deal when buying Auto insurance UK

The annual auto insurance premiums rapidly rising, and insurers have indicated that this could be caused by an increase in compensation for injuries suffered by injured in the accident. Some statements are false worries, and expressed as to whether the correct procedures in place to deal with this fraud.
In addition, the recent decision by the European Court of gender discrimination in insurance rates can be expected to have more consequences. In recent years, insurers have been increasingly difficult to compete for new customers, and this seems to lead to a bad deal for existing customers. Guidelines usually recommend changing insurance savings each year to take advantage of the excellent introductory offers.

There are many reports on television and radio and newspapers, the identification of personal injury claims as a major factor causing an increase in car insurance. Some personal injury claims are fraudulent, and the level of controversy has arisen about whether companies are taking all measures that have to do to eliminate fraudulent claims.

Another important issue that arose in relation to sex discrimination in insurance pricing. Statistics show that women are less likely than men to suffer an accident, and insurance companies are always reflected in the price. There are even companies based on their TV ads for all its attractiveness for women (though actually sell insurance to men too).

The court ruled that insurance offers differentiated prices based on sex is prohibited by the law of sex discrimination. Insurance industry is clearly not happy, especially because it seems contrary to basic principles of risk-based premiums.

The hasbecome remarkable in recent years that the car insurance in the UK seems to take too much effort and money on television advertising for new customers. Often associated with a very generous introduction available, usually only for one year. These discounts can obviously only be funded to make insurance more expensive for customers who renew every year.

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